New Books from Indie Catholic Authors

Beginning this month I plan to post new releases from our group once a quarter. We have three new books out, with many more expected in the coming months.  If you would like a review copy of any of these books, please post a comment and the author with contact you.

This quarter we have two new books based on characters in the Bible. Cheryl Ann Wills released Who is Jesus? Dennis P. McGeehan published The Diaries of Joseph and Mary. We also have a new 1940’s-style detective story by John Paul Wohlscheid.

Use the link in this book picture to get your copy!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to meet Jesus face-to-face? Author Cheryl Ann Wills uses imaginative prayer and a meditation technique developed by her husband Ed Wills to help us see, hear, and feel the experience of people in the Gospels. Cheryl researched first-century culture, while Ed translated the biblical passages from the Greek.

Who is Jesus? is historical fiction. It is not private revelation, nor is it meant to replace reading the Gospel itself. Instead, Cheryl hopes to draw us more fully into others’ encounters with Jesus, so that we may decide for ourselves who Jesus truly was.

Here is what others are saying about Cheryl’s new book:

“Cheryl Wills has  a wonderful way to express the faith of biblical people as that faith arises in response to being with Jesus. I felt like I was there. “

~Nancy H. C. Ward,
, Catholic author and speaker


“Cheryl Wills has written a beautiful, compelling book – a collection of ‘you are there’ stories. It’s especially rich in human descriptive language that speaks to every emotion. It will confirm your faith, affirm your hope, and draw you into a closer relationship with a God that loves you. A ‘must have’ at your bedside or prayer group. The book is a tribute to a writer that really ‘gets it.’”

~Patricia L. Mitchell, Teacher (retired)
Who is Jesus? is available in paperback and digital formats at Amazon.  You can also read it on your Nook.



The Diaries of Joseph and Mary by Dennis P. McGeehan presents the beliefs of the Early Church Fathers on the Nativity in the form of a diary that Joseph and Mary may have kept. It illuminates the events and answers questions like, “Where was Joseph when Mary visited Elizabeth?” In addition the book offers an appendix, 101 Questions and Answers About Saint Joseph that provides the reader with additional details. The questions delve deeper into who Joesph was, indeed who he had to be as the man chosen by God the Father to be the foster-father of His Son on Earth. The reader of this book will find in Joseph a man who all men should try to emulate, no matter their vocation in life.

Dennis writes:

“Writing this book my faith has been deepened. My celebration of the Advent and Christmas seasons are more vibrant and alive for me. My hope is that you, the reader, have the same experience.”
The Diaries of Joseph and Mary is available in paperback and ebook formats at Amazon.  It is also available in paperback at


Trouble is My Client


Benny Cahill, the hard-boiled private eye of Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth, is back! Trouble is My Client is a collection of four new short stories, inspired by old-time radio shows: Where There’s a Will, Now Hear This, Reach for It, and To the Moon. Theresa Linden, author of Chasing Liberty wrote the forward. Fans of this genre say they can’t put John Paul’s books down.

John Paul Wohlscheid is an admirer of such varied authors as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Loren D. Estleman, Dashiell Hammett, Hilaire Belloc, G. K. Chesterton, H. Beem Piper, and Jules Verne.  Watch for more stories in the near future.

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