Second Quarter Releases from Indie Catholic Authors

Here are the new books released by members of Indie Catholic Authors in April through June.

Choleric Cover 4

A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child is the first of four books by Connie Rossini on the temperaments. Right now the ebook is on sale for just $.99 until 8 AM Pacific Tuesday.

Does your child burst with energy, self-confidence, and determination? Does he struggle with pride, anger, and a desire to control everything and everyone around him? A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child explains the temperamental roots of your child’s behavior. Designed to help Catholic parents raise virtuous children, it offers parenting tips, templates, and a handful of lesson plans.

Learn how to work with your child, building on his God-given strengths and minimizing his weaknesses. Teach him to pray mental prayer from a young age. Use the book list to encourage him to imitate the virtues of characters he will love. Create a spiritual growth plan for the calendar year or school year. Whether your child attends school outside the home or is homeschooled, this book will support you in being his primary teacher on living the Christian life.

Connie plans to publish the volume on the phlegmatic child by the end of this year, with the remaining two books being released some time next year.

A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child is available as an ebook and a paperback.

JPs BookChurch Triumphant: 25 Men and Women Who Gave their Lives to Christ is author John Paul Wohlscheid’s first venture into non-fiction.

In Church Triumphant, you can read the lives of 25 men and women who dedicated their lives to God and the Catholic Church. These men and women are heroes of virtue and prayer who helped change the world for Christ. The biographies are written concisely with the goal of giving you the chance to learn about great saints in a short amount of time.

This book includes the following saints: St. Gonsalo Garcia, St. Andreas Wouters, Blessed
Charles I of Austria, Blessed Charles de Foucauld, St. Clement Maria Hofbauer, St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, St. Gerard Majella, St. Gianna Molla, Blessed John Henry Newman, St. Maria Goretti, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Nicholas, St Peter Julian Eymard, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, Pope St. Pius X, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, St. Charbel Makhluf, Venerable Bishop Frederic Baraga, Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Marianne Cope, Blessed Miguel Pro, and Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton.

Church Triumphant is exclusive to ebook format and sells for only $2.99.

Tims book

Also published this spring was author Tim Speer’s novel Return to Paradise.

A place where prayer, faith, hope, love, and little miracles come together. Return To Paradise is the story of a physical detour that turns in to a spiritual journey. A detour and a freak accident result in David finding himself in the small farming community of Spring River. Is David’s arrival in Spring River purely happenstance, or is there a reason for him to be there? As David learns more about the corrupt practices of the local bank he must decide what role, if any, he will play in trying to stop the foreclosures. Complicating his decision is Sarah, a local waitress. With plans to only be in town a couple of days, David knows that Sarah will likely be just a passing acquaintance. But is that all she really is to him? Through prayer and faith, the town of Spring River is given new hope. Through prayer and learning to surrender to God’s will, David is shown the path that God has for him.

Return to Paradise has 4.8 stars with 14 reviews on Amazon. It is available both in ebook and paperback formats.

WellspringAward-winning Tasmanian author Mishka Gora released her fantasy novel Wellspring in June.

Verys is Priestess of Fraerigh in dark times. Her king is embattled on all fronts and another city has fallen to the usurper. The colonial kingdom’s survival depends on a legendary stone somewhere in an icy wasteland at the end of the world… as well as the wiles of her brother Gwilym, a dauntless seafarer.

Three ships traverse the wildest seas to find the lost continent while three naval fleets converge in a battle for supremacy. In the midst of this turmoil, Verys’s greatest challenge is to discern friend from foe and faith from folly. Betrayed by her protege and plagued by doubts, Verys must ascend to the pinnacle of her calling even if it means sacrificing her hopes for the future.

Wellspring is available as an ebook and a paperback.

From author Benita J. Prins comes Starscape.

A legend that tells of a star… more beautiful than any other… even before the sun… thousands of years ago… wiser than the wisest of men… a song of unearthly beauty…

It was no more than idle talk in the marketplace that began it.

When Pluriel is accidentally reminded of an old prophecy, he and three companions begin the long journey to Nevarra Swamp. Their mission? A nearly hopeless attempt to recapture the Sword of the Star, stolen centuries ago by Jalavak. This Sword is the only weapon which can defeat the Dark Lord, for he was wounded by it in the war of the Valintari at the dawn of time. But what can Pluriel, Ringard, Galdore and Tristal do alone? For if the prophecy is to be fulfilled, the Star itself must fall from the sky – and how could such a thing come to pass?

Starscape is available as an ebook or a paperback from many online retailers. Please see Benita’s website for all buying options.

Already in the third quarter. Melanie Jean Juneau has published a short story in an anthology with other Catholic women. Authors Virginia Lieto and Connie Rossini both have books due out in the next few weeks.

If you would like a review copy of any books by Indie Catholic Authors, please leave a comment below and we will contact you.

Thank you!


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