Defining Catholic Fiction -Carlos Carrasco

The question is asked at every Catholic writers’conference. What is Catholic fiction?  What qualities does a book need to qualify for that genre?

My own experience is with writing mysteries. While there is the obvious theme of good conquers evil, could these novels qualify as Catholic fiction? The characters are all lapsed Catholics who begin to recognize their faith throughout the series, even my pet psychic. That character raises eyebrows among Catholics, but I asked my parish priest before I took on the project, and his response was, “Well, we don’t really know how St. Francis communicated with the animals.”

I’ve asked several Catholic authors to help define the term. In this series, each author will respond to survey questions. My hope is that aspiring Catholic fiction authors will receive confidence and clarity from the answers!

carlos-carrascoWe begin our series with author Carlos Carrasco.

Carlos  was born in Havana Cuba in 1963. Since 1968 he has lived in the US, aimlessly bouncing from state to state and job to job. In 2013 he gave up his heathen ways and humbly entered the Catholic Church. At last he has come to rest on a five acre patch of South Carolina where he farms by day and writes by night.

Do you have a favorite Catholic fiction author?

Walker Percy. (Author of Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book)

What qualifies an author’s fiction as Catholic fiction? How do you identify a novel as Catholic Fiction?

It is set in an open-ended universe, even if its setting is limited; its outlook is hopeful even if the story ends in tragedy.

Do you think a book that doesn’t mention religion or Catholicism can be Catholic fiction?


What do you think separates secular fiction from Catholic fiction?

The author’s treatment of faith. A secularist would either dismiss or deride faith in his tale.

Do you identify your own novels as Catholic? What makes them so?

Yes, my works are explicitly Catholic. They contain Catholic characters pursuing and exploring Catholic themes and doctrines.


The House of War: Book One of The Omega Crusade, is a political thriller set in the near future. It is the story of a coup which topples the US Government and sets Christendom, Islam and Secularism on a cataclysmic collision course!

What are some Catholic themes?

Redemption, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, defending truth and beauty, evangelism, combating evil…

Tomorrow, we’ll hear from author Tim Speers. 


4 thoughts on “Defining Catholic Fiction -Carlos Carrasco”

  1. I never really thought about there even being such a thing as Catholic fiction.
    The themes he states – Redemption, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, defending truth and beauty, evangelism, combating evil – can be written in some form by all Christians, Jews, and secular writers I think. Interesting.


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