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Writing What You Love, For A Living!

Joanna Penn grin
Best-selling author Joanna Penn helps the rest of us succeed.

As an Indie Catholic Author, you know you are special.  You feel “called” to write what you write.  It would be nice to sell lots of copies, but if you wrote just to be a bestselling author, you would probably write about other topics.  Instead, we are compelled to present our faith and world view first and foremost, and then try to market our work.

Still, if you are like me at all, you wonder how you can do both – be an authentic ICA, and sell enough to cast the day job aside, and write for The Lord, Full-Time.

As an ICA since 2008, I’ve seen a lot of self-proclaimed indie publishing “gurus” selling their trade secrets online, but few have impressed me enough to forward and promote their content to others.

Joanna Penn is that exception!

Joanna offers a free video training series for authors on how to maximize your work, your time and your focus, so you can eventually make that leap of faith from day-job/part-time writer to dream-fulfilled/full-time writer!

Why do I find her stuff so exciting?  Because she has done it herself and delivers great transparency on how she did it, and how you can too!

Now in full disclosure, she is not a member of our group (yet) and I did not ask her if she’s Catholic.  Also, she offers a paid (and presumably more in-depth) version of her course – but don’t worry, her 3 “free” videos are loaded with powerful teachings that will help you if you apply them!  They’ve helped me!!  Someday I plan on buying her course but for now, I am busy applying her free advice and increasing my productivity and growing my sales!

Click the links I placed here so you can too, and Indie Catholic Authors will continue to spread the new Evangelization with passion and effectiveness.  God Bless!